Officers and Committe Members


Chairman : Mr Andy Mountain
Treasurer : Mr Dave Watson
Secretary : Mr Howie Milburn


Mr Trevor Bryant
Mr Roy Butt
Mr Keith Newbury
Mr Mr Henry Ritchie
Mr Ernest Broadbank
Mr Paul Penfold
Mr Gemma Penfold
Mr Brian Penny

We currently have a vacancy on the committee. If you would like to join the committe, contact the club by phone, email or pop in one evening.


Meeting 6th July 2015
Meeting 1st June 2015
Meeting 4th May 2015
Meeting 13th April 2015
Meeting 2nd March 2015
Meeting 2nd February 2015
Meeting 5th January 2015
Meeting 1st December 2014
Meeting 3rd November 2014
Meeting 6th October 2014
Meeting 1st September 2014
Meeting 20th August 2014
Meeting 16th July 2014
Meeting 18th June 2014
Meeting 21st May 2014
Meeting 7th April 2014

Club Rules